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Maria Jaskolka
I’m married to the most awesome/wonderful husband an very proud of him
I’m married to the most awesome/wonderful husband an very proud of him


Just trying to catching up on things trying to come keep my health in check as much as possible even tho it’s very very stressful

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Trying to stay healthy it's the most difficult Magic to perform )0( blessings beings to all of my Brothers/Sisters MHC
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YuleTydings Happy Holidays to all
Of my brothers and sisters please be safe journeys to and from your homes on these Holidays an through
The New Year bountiful blessings blessings hugs always so more it be
As above so down below no harm ye will ❤️🐾💐🎄

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So much times on their hands
An it’s sooooooo silly LOL
Every cat picture i've ever found :)
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This makes me so very P O @ this subject here peoples says “ I love dogs an cats an goes to adopt them
An then afterwards they take care of them “ for What an moth maybe 2 an weeks later you’ll let them out an when they want to come back you’ve abandon them to fend for themselves
With out no love what so ever slightest thought they try to find food shelter most of them survives an the ones doesn’t gets kill by on coming traffic because you say you’ve adopted them and love care for them
Hogwash I say if you did they would’ve been strays in the world
Answer me this 😡😡

I’m sending trillions of love an light
To all of the brothers and sisters who
Fought over seas to protect our FREEDOM over here I am my families cannot say thanks you so very much for all you have done to makes us safe here bountiful blessings beings much love ❤️ to all 😊

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This is my assisting cat 3yrs.old you'll to look for his orange ears to see him he's being so silly

I'm adjusting to alot of things dealing with diabetes and of cancer learning the information an classes helps alot but sometimes i feel I've been stretch to the limits of my beings love and light to all of my brothers and sisters blessings beings Oceans of hugs always MP MHC

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Please help saving this sweet one needs an for ever home to be loved by an mother and father an a nice family may the Gods and Goddess blessings beings to all that helps saving this beauty of a dog

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Please pass this to anyone who loves animation an wanted to adopt a pet to an forever loving-kindness spoiled rotten with tons of TLC to this sweet dog an the payback will be endless love affection for you for all of the Gods and the Goddess an the universe an back always hugs mp MHC
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