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Poetry - Ashley Bovan
this is my poetry G+ page
this is my poetry G+ page

Poetry - Ashley Bovan's posts

I've compiled 29 poems into a collection called "crack" – they're up on my website -
and also as a pdf -

hope you enjoy them

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poem - Procession - 

Well water and wild blackberries,
a smile like the side of a broad bean.

From Lammas to November,
this quarter, from Solstice to Autumn,
curved and rippled discontinuity,
stumbling flux. The Laws
of Physics need not apply.

We danced in A minor, 129 bpm
head get you out
grutching, subterranean.

Tonight, drenched atoms hustle, 
spin, create colour. 2 tracks 
from the same album.

Cherry acoustic songs stray through darkness,
through dunes and drift, wood and surf.
A morning song, a melody, 
a hawk hawk from gangs of gulls. 

Now there's sand in the bed.

[02 SEP 2009]

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poem – Dewisland (School Diary) –

I flew above the old airfield,
estuary, hill, grey seals, The Bitches.
The Ramsey razorbills mobbed me,
their blabber and hubbub woke me.

I fell, serrated, volcanic,
ripped into Horse Rock whirlpool.
Pyramidal granite grazed my sides.
Airless downwards,
darkness downwards,
hard pressure hurt me.

Forest patterns catch in half-moonlight,
pulse along the slopes of Watersnake Hill.
In a clearing, I sleep on the sacrificial rock.
Andromeda rests in the winter sky.


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Blah Blah Salad

Planetary radish
orbit plate rim
crash into cress nebula
to ground

In a field
William works a red tractor
harvests cucumber
rests beside the haystack
a sandwich
goat-food leaves
parsley grass
looks up to the sky
past sun-yellow
salad cream drizzled 
clouds of lettuce
crows like black olives

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so I said,
you invent these characters
but pretty soon they start taking on a life of their own

and he said,
ah right, your latest novel

and I said,
err, no.
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