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Andrew “Andy” Hurvitz commented on a post on Blogger.
Yes many cameras are needlessly complicated and add features that even professionals who have owned a good camera for a few years find daunting and annoying.  

For example, my Fuji XE-2 has a "silent" mode that also turns off the flash. But nowhere (that I am aware of ) in the manual are there any instructions on turning off the silent to turn on the flash.

The average person does not understand the difference between automatic mode and program mode and aperture priority even though they all are semi or fully automatic modes.  

Nikon and Canon have been adding too many menu choices to their cameras for years. And if photographers are editing their photos with post-processing, why is it necessary to add "toy camera" or infrared or b&w to the choices on a camera menu? These are features that are meant to lure in buyers, but they may be turning them off.  Like my Ford Focus with its 37 buttons on the dashboard, the complexity and irritation of electronic life is causing people to flee to simplicity. 

When you look at old cameras made before the digital revolution, you see solid, heavy, simple and elegant devices. What we have now is the piling on of excess.

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