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So, grad school has been killing me for a while now and I've been out of the community for much of the last year. Looking for some inspiration, and hoping to see what all I've missed, I went to the Project status page at Evil Hat, and stumbled across this:

Tachyon Squadron, by Clark Valentine – Line development complete. Editing through May 2017.

Out of curiosity I searched around, but have found next to nothing about it. Anyone know where I can find info on it? It looks to be right up my alley.

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So, I've got a bunch of random game ideas that don't fit/excite my current play groups. Rather than disrupt any of the games I'm already running I'm thinking of starting a new Roll20 group to play around with them a bit.

These would be mostly short campaigns, a single sorry arc each (unless we come back to something at a layer date). Days would be very flexible though later at night usually like 9p to 12a central time). Systems will vary, and no one would be expected to play every single game if whatever we're running doesn't do it for you. That's the beauty of short campaigns, sit out a few weeks and we'll be on to something else.

Anyways, if any of that speaks to you let me know and we'll start working out days/times/games. 

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Well, if I'm going to have insomnia I may as well get something done. First time I've painted minis in more than 12 years. Not as good as I'd like. My paints are more than a decade old and they've become clumpy and runny. Probably should have waited until I can get some new ones, but Imperial Assault has me all kinds of excited.

I don't have any inks or wash. Not even something to seal them, but for board game pieces they'll do for now. 

Can't believe I'm seriously considering getting back into Warhammer, but after our trip into +DLair Austin earlier this week my 12 year old is way into the idea of fantasy wargaming. 

Why can't he choose a cheaper hobby, like collecting classic cars or something?

So, this week I ran #BladesInTheDark for the first time this week. Huge fun was had. I'll have to find time to write it up some time soon.

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Time for a little #Zombicide with the kids. 

I took my son in to #DragonsLair in Austin last night to play in their open card gaming for the first time. Not being a card gamer myself I was mostly bored for three hours or so and wishing I had brought my laptop and some #BladesInTheDark character sheets. I think an impromptu game could have been had.

Next time...

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I was having some trouble finding an example of combat to share with new players, so I decided to write one really quickly. It also gave me a chance to try out a couple of new things from the Paranet Papers.

A word of warning, this campaign was played for years, and the character used in the example is far from a starting character. We started at refresh 8, and are currently at 12.

I also wrote it really quickly, so I apologize for any small typos or errors. I tried to be careful in sticking to the rules as written, so with any luck those at least are intact.

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Dresden Files RPG - Extended Combat example
So, last time I tried to figure out the rules to a game I wrote my way through a little playtest and shared it publicly, which was a huge help, since one of my players caught some mistakes that I made. Since it worked so well last time, I’m doing it again.
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