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To Sell Your Home, Get Spotted!
To Sell Your Home, Get Spotted!

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Great point about on line valuation tools never being able to evaluate what upgrades...or downgrades (garage conversion) you might have done. I am amazed at how many people never read the fine print about Zestimate accuracy detailed right on the Zillow site.

In Texas  where I live, we are a non-disclosure state so all on line valuation tools are about as good as looking at the tax value which can be several years old and way off for country property.  Nothing replaces an on site visit from a professional!

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It's a great time of the year to buy or sell a new home.  Everyone is busy with the holidays so you will have less competition as a buyer and can draw attention as a new listing.  If you are selling, your home will have that warm family feeling with Christmas decorations and inviting smells. Buyers can easily imagine living there.

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Had to +1 it so the picture would show vs. mine.

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What is new is Google is supposed to be so simple and I find it a PITA.

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