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We were all guilty. We were all innocent.
We were all guilty. We were all innocent.

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Hopefully Games of Existentia demo final session part 1 will go down this Tuesday. I'm actually really enjoying it. Also live action table top rpg game hybrid I'm developing for Catatonic now has a name. Say hi to, Deep State. It'll be the new umbrella name for a whole new IP I'm putting together as the rigorous playtesting for Games of Existentia: Seeds of Insidiae continues

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The PCs experienced first hand the mortals interpretation of the Mystics Edicts.  Same seems to be happening to the mortals  who seek solace in faith in these trying times. Humbler the PCs first prolonged contact with their own kind also sees to have an agenda of its own, using the its resources to watch the PCs (possibly other members of the Hiearchy's) every move without a regard for the Legerdemain. There is still the question of an angelic female who seems to be present at every event setup to expose their kinds true nature. Web of Shadows,  has made a compact with Vorpal about doing everything in its power to free him of his prison, but doesn't seem to care about his oath. PCs know the consequences for breaking the Compact is dire. Will they continue to waiting for the other shoe to drop or do something about it? Will there be an attempt to free Vorpal or will it be business as usual? It all seems to come down to what this angelic woman everyone is talking about knows and she is last seen at the Worship Grounds.

Google+ got even more confusing how the F do I setup a a Hangout event with this thing on my iPad pro?

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Any STs out there willing to undertake a Demon: The Descent campaign?

Any STs out there willing to undertake a Demon: The Descent campaign?

Here's the synopsis for our second volume:

The city state of Watanekka is the last viable human civilization.

It is ruled by the newly transcended demi-god, Grigov, his mortal fraternal twin Kulva, and their mysterious teacher, Scar. Their alliance starts to unravel when they encounter Kitten, a rebellious female warrior, and Scar's new pupil, Kaneshka. 

"Captain Responsibility is a twat-knuckle."

Bartholemew Warchuck

Anyone interested in Storytelling a Demon the Descent game?

The quote of the night from our first Hangout+  play test:

"I'm redtape 44. I do everything by the book. I hope you can do the same."

"I'm Saurondor, I write my own book"
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