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Adele effect!!! is still there in music world

Her speech reached into the pits of my soul and shook it so violently. In that moment I was her. I knew what she felt, why she hurt. The song Resonated so loudly in my heart. It broke me tonight
Do we ever truly make mistakes, or does every decision, choice and action have divine purpose? And we are just too weak or stubborn and fail to till the soil we sowed..........what are the reprocussions for this. To lose our lives as planned? To forfiet happiness? Who knows. I never will........this saddens my soul.

Adele - Someone Like You (LIVE) (A very emotional Adele!):

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complete, high-end open source laptop a reality?
Who wouldn't want a good, reliable and cheap? high-end laptop? as a open source enthusiast, I would be happy to have my hands on a complete high-end open source laptop.  Well  it seems my dreams may come true in near future, with Purism successful crowd fun...

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Oracle XE license issue reprised!
Since Oracle XE (Oracle Database Express Edition) was initially released in January 2006 I believed there was no usage restriction whatsoever with regards to the type of application you could build with Oracle XE and especially in combination with Oracle Ap...

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Not able to open microsoft office files using OpenOffice 4.1.1
Issue: Not able to open microsoft office files using OpenOffice 4.1.1 Tit - bits: No need of any extensions/plug-ins to open .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx files in OpenOffice. It does require a JRE 6 32-bit version installed in system and the same s...

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Top 5 security stories 2014
2014 can be long remembered for epic hacks, major security vulnerabilities. Thought we had seen all after the SSL vulnerability pierced the heart of internet and raised serious concerns on encryptions, but there are more attacks kept coming such as devastat...

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OpenOffice Won't recognize Java JRE in windows 7
Issue: --------- While playing around with OpenOfficeBase 4.1.1, I have encountered a strange error. "There is no JRE environment."  so, I have just installed a latest jre in my system and still OpenOffice is showing is the same error. Resolution 1: -----...

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root folder for jre
Linux:  $Which java gives us the required information about which JRE ( Java Run Time Environment ) is being used by the current session. Unfortnately, this is not the case for Windows users. Luckily, I have few commands to know which JRE version is running...
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