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Have you noticed that when you login to Google or YouTube from a different email address than the last one you used, that Google or YouTube forces you to 'connect to a different account?', and then creates a list of your accounts that appear every time you try to login again?  And then, when you go to YouTube, YT wants to you to connect all of those accounts to just one?

At first, this may seem like it might make your life easier. 

But it's not so simple.  Especially if you want to be able to take advantage of making clickable links right on your YouTube video.

   You did know you could do that, right?  (If not, don't worry, I'll show you that too.)

Watch this video

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Sent this out to my list this morning because Tina Golden is just 'Golden'!
I almost didn't read this... because I know that when Tina Golden releases a resource product, it's going to be better than awesome!  But I did read it, and it's even better than that!

No fluff, no filler, no bs... just a huge collection of resources that are sure to make your life a lot easier!

And it's beautifully organized so  you can find what you need, fast, so you can get more done, in less time, so you can make more money, faster!

Don't waste another minute sifting through Google search results!  Grab this right now.

Your Friend,

P.S.  I've been friends with Tina for almost 4 years now, and she's definitely one of my key 'go to people' whenever I need a resource for anything.  This huge list of resources makes it a snap for me to find whatever I'm looking for in seconds, so I can get the job done and get to making money! Get this right away!

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I wanted to use the Facebook "Note" feature to put up information about my products and services on my fan page, but the formatting options in Notes are so limited, that I decided to make a giant image. 

What do you think?

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How's This For Irony...

The New Google Darling For Content Marketers – Online Audience Optimization

Google may have finally found the phrase to convince web marketers how to get traffic, the right way!

For well over a year, the online marketing community has been abuzz with phrases like 'social signals,' and 'engagement.'

As marketers have tried to adjust to update after update, constantly chasing coveted search engine rankings to get traffic, and praying for social “Likes” and “Shares, and even +1's, the new “Audience Optimization” might just be what marketers needed to hear to learn how to do their job right.

For years, Google has been telling marketers to produce great content.

And the fact of the matter is, if the cure for cancer were shared in a blog post, it would not and should not matter if the blogger put the title in H1 tags and all the subtitles in H2 tags, nor should it matter what the 'keyword density' of that post is.

In truth, even you really have the cure for cancer, that content is going to get seen, with or without Google.

That blog is going to get Liked, it's going to get “Shared”, the 'community,' is going to 'engage' with that blogger, through discussion on the blog, on the bloggers social media, wherever it is that they happen to find the content and feel compelled to engage with it.

Google isn't even a factor.

That's why great content is so important. And Google isn't.

As someone who creates content for a living, be it my own or for clients, I know how important it is to optimize that content for the audience that myself or my clients have, and the audience we want to attract.

And now that Google is on board, there is no excuse for dry, boring, keyword stuffed content. You are finally free to create the kind of content that engages your audiences and makes them want to “Like”, “Share,” and engage with you and the rest of the community you serve!

Ironically, when you create that kind of content, you don't even need Google.

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Content That Drives Traffic and Converts It Into SALES!!!

Click the link to watch the video!

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Thanks for the video, Doc!  

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