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Temporarily Judgemental ...
Temporarily Judgemental ...
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My favourite season,
Teasing me
at the my doorstep
unwilling to enter!
Welcome, welcome to my land
let me feel your chill
Prompt: the rains, who else ;) in this moment of unprecedented joy, I feel John Denver wrote the Annie’s song as a metaphor for rain ;) you fill up my senses, come fill me again … And it began to rain Just like that… Uninvited, out of the blue. The…

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One of those nagging questions! 
Do you get bored of people? I find that I do, many times and I have wondered why. It is not that I have something against them, I think it is because I spend too much time with them. So, do you get bored of people …

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The emotions that run through a mother, so well depicted! I could see my mother in here, when she does not get our calls on time.. ! 
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