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Hello Guys !!
This problem has been bugging me like crazy and I can't seem to find any solution for it.
Can you please take a look at it and maybe give me any sort of hint about how to proceed to tackle this problem.
Thanks. :-)

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Good enough :-)

Is it just me or that everyone feels that the number of ads on +YouTube has incresed exponentially, they have started irritating me now....

+Gmail has just rolled out a new feature, now you can get your offline chats on +Gmail As soon as you log into your account, this just keeps getting better and better.....

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Do we have a twitter killer here ?
Google+ has added a new Twitter-esque feature and now has 'Trends.' Do you think Google+ and Twitter will operate side by side or will Google+ kill Twitter?

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Facebook deleted Salman Rushdie's profile and when he sent a copy of his passport to prove his identity, facebook asked him to rename his profile as Ahmed Rushdie (as written on his passport). Funny turn of events.....

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worth a read....also try guessing the name of the company :-)

Google is loosing it's sense of design !!
Everything is a shade of gray !!

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Good news for G+ ?
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