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John Damhof

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I know you all play it.... Here is a little article on Pokémon GO

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Google for Education: Teach and learn from everywhere in the classroom with Google Cast for Education

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Via - +Joe Dillon "Interested in learning with national experts on digital badging? The Digital Badge Summit is the place FRI, JUN 24. APS educators can ping me for a code to register for free!"
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Keep submitting your requests to Google - It actually matters
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A fun research tool based on concepts maps

After discussing math with Kristin, I'm interested in exploring how she uses her google drive to launch and explore her match stations to her different groups. +Kristin Tousley Great Job and please share more with us!

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Great resource for badging
Amanda McLean

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Just wanted to show you all the 360 Fly video I captured at the meeting.
We are currently just trying it as a demo and working out some kinks to see if it is a viable tool.
A few pro's and con's
Captures 360 degree view - you can see everything that is happening in a classroom.  The teachers lesson and the students actions - huge for video empowered coaching!

Compatible with Google Cardboard - I can view this video straight from my iPhone using Google Cardboard and it turns it into virtual reality (very sweet!)

You need to use the video on the creators software.  Very limiting on what you can do with it at this point in time.  If you want to upload it to their website it is limited to a file size of only 200mb.  Another drawback of uploading it to their website vrs Google Drive is the security measures.  Our Google Domain meets our districts security needs where this is still uncertain.  I know we have been talking to the company and hopefully they will be partnering with Google in the future but it is still unknown at this point.
If you do have larger files you can still view them on your own computer through the software provided by 360fly but you wont be able to share it.
Another drawback is that the camera segments them into 10 min clips.  You will have to edit them together if you wanted a longer video..... and yes the software to edit the video is very limited (it sucks).  If I wanted to put together a longer video than 10 minutes I would use something like FinalCut to splice them together and then export the file and then use their software to view it.

My overall opinion as of right now for educational purposes would be to hold off until a bit more progress is made.  If you do not need to share via internet and can use your own computer/phone device this would definitely  be something to look into.

If anyone does not want this video posted to this community please message me and I will remove it ASAP  (The video is not shared anywhere else and will not be - I ask that the link below is not shared outside this community as well to preserve the privacy of everyone at the meeting)

Great seeing you all and if you have any questions please post a comment below and I will try to answer.


Great seeing you all today!  Great Meeting and lots of great conversations!!
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