Hey folks. I've never owned an Apple product before but am fed up with Windows by now. I am looking to buy an iMac or 15" MacBook Pro but can't find any solid advice on what spec upgrades are really worth the money over the long haul. Can you help?

Here's what I've been thinking.

As far as I can tell, the iMac is the best-value all-in-one on the market, and also the most affordable Mac. Today, I think the basic 21.5" model with upgraded RAM would be sufficient for my needs, which would cost $1499.

I'm also interested in the Fusion Drive because the machine will continue to feel quick and responsive even after a couple years. But is it worth the $250 upgrade price on the $1499 model, which would come to $1949 with the RAM? Or at that point should I get a 27" iMac with a Fusion Drive and put in extra RAM myself, which would cost $2049 plus RAM? Or is a 15" MacBook Pro for $1799 the way to go?

My computing needs are not extraordinary. I love music and movies, multitask like crazy, play some games but nothing too intensive, and am looking to get into some photo editing and the like. 

Any input from Mac fans who are familiar with Apple's pricing would be much appreciated. I'd ask my friends but all who know about tech are anti-Apple. Thanks!
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