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What the ....?
I expected to see the entire string of shots fired, especially since the text suggested that the sound suppression was less effective at ten rounds.

Instead I got to watch a guy squirt water into his supressor and load his magazine.

And shoot three shots.

Then the video ended.

Guys ... you have got to produce what you promised.
Or don't waste your time.

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Frankly, after all the hoopla which Liberals have made about the issue over the past DECADES, I suggest that I'm not the only Conservative who is reluctant to encourage further "discussions" with liberals about the Second Amendment.

It seems to me that Liberals (aka "Gun Control Advocates" have always been playing a One Note Samba:: "Give Up Your Second Amendment Rights, And we Will Not Take Your Guns Away ... (which nobody wants, right?(

Why is it that Liberals always want to TAKE from citizen firearms, and they offer no reassurances at ALL that these "takes" will not abbrogate 2nd Amendment of citizens?

Until they (Liberals/"Gun Control" folks) can find a 'solution' which Firearms Owners do not consider repugnant ... not to mention constitutionally infringed ... firearms owners will NEVER renounce their 2nd Amendment rights.

Why is it that Liberals do not recognize a Stone Wall when they bump their noses against it every day? Is this not the Einsteinian definition of "insanity"?

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