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Spencer Keys
Gentleman. Writer. Public Affairs Ninja.
Gentleman. Writer. Public Affairs Ninja.

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It's coming...

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Very cool use of Google Street View +Chris Jones +Jacob Glick

Somewhat ironically, on Vimeo.

Kobo vs. Kindle: any thoughts? People that answer "iPad" are not nearly as clever as they think they are.

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This is one of the more amazing speaking riders I've ever seen:


I like cats if they are friendly, but they are not good for me; I am
somewhat allergic to them. This allergy makes my face itch and my
eyes water. So the bed, and the room I will usually be staying in,
need to be clean of cat hair. However, it is no problem if there is a
cat elsewhere in the house--I might even enjoy it if the cat is

Dogs that bark angrily and/or jump up on me frighten me, unless they
are small and cannot reach much above my knees. But if they only bark
or jump when we enter the house, I can cope, as long as you hold the
dog away from me at that time. Aside from that issue, I'm ok with

If you can find a host for me that has a friendly parrot, I will be
very very glad. If you can find someone who has a friendly parrot I
can visit with, that will be nice too.

DON'T buy a parrot figuring that it will be a fun surprise for me. To
acquire a parrot is a major decision: it is likely to outlive you. If
you don't know how to treat the parrot, it could be emotionally
scarred and spend many decades feeling frightened and unhappy. If you
buy a captured wild parrot, you will promote a cruel and devastating
practice, and the parrot will be emotionally scarred before you get it.
Meeting that sad animal is not an agreeable surprise."

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Spencer Keys hung out with 2 people.John Rodger and Craig Brandys

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