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Nic Gibson
Ubiquitous Nic, Heir to Throne Nowhere.
Ubiquitous Nic, Heir to Throne Nowhere.

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out near the edge.
[all these days passed, poor every year and housed by someone else just got it figured out, just in time to come in from being all out, all on the outskirts i should have learned a more noble craft more noble than the pen.] in your living room we began to f...

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i knew it when i saw it, when i saw your hair had been cut short i knew it when i saw you, and i knew i didn't fit the bill, i'm not what anyone would expect. but you grandfathered me in, anyway. and i was contrite but i'd never intended to change. over all...

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[show me the bent future in that prism. curve my body and capture me, spin me upside down in your lens. show me that power, girl. 'cause i can't just stay the course, i can't distinguish who's driving and if they're driving me home.] i'm bent in the back fr...

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Dusky hues are cast into The purple latte froth of eventide , Twilight stars sparkle and shadows are thrown Over where the flashes of night lights  can't reach And he fishes in his pack to breathe smoke out just Past the gutters , glistening with hoarfrost ...

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Saint Elise
[first to the fray, but frail be cavalier, don't disengage, engage and time will tell, time has told that this is real enough] Some years ago, I saw you running with some friends, You were so nonchalant, you were well on your way, On your war path, on your ...

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new church.
[Give me your breath, I can't hold everything above water.] i think of all of our notes and messages and all the other instruments of love and hearts, and i think i need to be acknowledged by some touch and that's the key to calm and i'm alright the moon is...

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[A dozen hours into my day, and I feel like I'm finally awake. Twelve hours of sun-up, and it's threatening to go down now, but it's not concerned with me. And I'm fine with that, I'm fine on my own.] There's talk and chatter of death; consequently of a ser...

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[ i must not talk out of turn i must not talk out of turn. we know, as we should, that things could be much, much worse. and that the best is yet to come. we're all chasing something. there's no rush. ] ------- through the cruelty of the desert heat, she's ...

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it takes us so long to say goodnight, though we rarely do. see, when the lights get low, i can still see her shape, the way the shadows of branches play and dance across a freckled face, the blue moonlight on a clavicle, or a neck, or a wrist, and there's s...

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adopted son of war.
 [  be still, my still-beating heart,       by my side,         i miss my fifth home,           but i am home   ]  got a sucking wound left in my chest,  where there's the stress of all the sharp  shrapnel fragments,  pinned right to my leather heart.  we'v...
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