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Auto Locks – We offer a variety of services for automobile locks at Barneys Locksmith in Azusa, CA. Our staff has been offering expert and quality service and best of all.

Here’s a partial list of our auto lock services:
• Transponder keys
• Auto Lock out
• Foreign vehicle locks
• Antique vehicle locks
• Import vehicle locks
• Transponder key duplicates and repair

Visit our website to see all of our auto lock services and other locksmith services that the communities of West Covina, Covina, Azusa and the surrounding areas
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You want to read this article before calling a locksmith or just to educate yourself so when that emergency arises, your prepared to ask the vital questions to avoid being taken advantage of.

If you’re looking for a licensed, bonded and insured locksmith, call none other than Barneys Locksmith in Azusa, CA. For many years the residents and business owners of Covina, West Covina, Azusa and the surrounding areas have trusted us with their emergency locksmith services such as auto and home lock outs, lock repair or if it’s just a simple key duplication.
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"Electronic locks and keyless entry have pretty much eliminated the need for locksmiths, the technology works itself out!"

While security and theft prevention has come a long way, we still have a lot of progress to make when it comes to perfecting the electronic lock.

Smart cars and electric cars can be broken into with certain devices, which is why it's still important to stay vigilant.

In this article, the device happened to be able to transmit a signal to the key fob, which forced it to communicate to the car's electronic lock that it needs to open.

If you have concerns about any power amplifiers or other tools being used to communicate with your key fobs, stop by Barney's Locksmith so we can switch them out, or apply new updates to cancel the issue.
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Looking to upgrade your home security? These new 2018 smart locks will help protect your home and valuables.

Smart locks are the way of the future and rightfully so. With these new devices you have the ability to lock and unlock any door right from your phone.

Our locksmith technicians can go straight to your home and install that new smart lock for you if you live in the West Covina, Covina, Glendora areas.

A great smart lock needs to be at least as secure as a traditional deadbolt and a lot more convenient to use in order to justify the price premium, and the Kevo fits the bill better than any other lock we’ve tested.

The Kevo’s unique mechanism (to trigger the lock you simply tap the deadbolt’s exterior housing with your finger) is nearly as fast as using a key but far more convenient, making it the best method we’ve seen for everyday smart lock use.
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We know that our customers rely on the various locks around their house to feel safe while they're sleeping or away from home.

It's only natural that since locks have been around for so long, burglars would have found exploits an inexperienced customer cannot combat.

They can either avoid the lock completely by breaking an reinforced door frame or simply use basic tools to pick a lock not secured with a deadbolt.

Perhaps the most extensive to lock down, a sliding glass door creates many openings. We can provide you with a lock and bolt, but you will also need security film glass to withstand blunt impacts.

All of these are things Barney's Locksmith could look into for you and fix with emergency locksmith services.

However, we can't do much about duplicate keys, so be sure to stay vigilant and keep watch on how many keys are exiting your house at one time.
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Great Father’s Day Crafts for Kids

Get the kids to make their own Father’s Day Gifts! Father’s Day is rapidly approaching and fathers are notoriously difficult to buy, let alone make for.. let alone make with the KIDS FOR!

Click the link below to check out some of the ideas!
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Do not duplicate keys.. Are they safer?

Property owners and managers began pressing the “do not duplicate” key message in an attempt to control security violations from terminated employees, former tenants, construction workers and others who gain possession of a key.

Unauthorized key duplication remains a serious threat to security today and is currently the single most violated security policy in business.

The inscription may decrease the number of copies in circulation because of the need to have them copied by a locksmith. Yet the fact remains that keys stamped with “Do Not Duplicate” are no more secure than keys without it.

According to the Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA), having a “do not duplicate” message inscribed on your company keys may actually provide a false sense of security.
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Home invasion, when robbers force their way into an occupied house or apartment, is an especially frightening crime since we see our homes as our safe havens from the outside world.

Although total security is only an ideal, there are some measures you can take to prevent it from happening.

Here are some tips from

• Always lock doors, windows and garages.

• Make sure home entrances are well-lighted, and minimize bushes where
intruders can hide before their ambush.

Click the link below to check out the other tips!
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Find out, per #ConsumerReports, the worst cars they have tested.

Their road testing is one of the most thorough and punishing automotive tests in the world. Its in-depth and impartial methods separate the serious contenders from the also-rans, and gives an unvarnished view of a car’s real-world performance.

Because of this, the magazine has the unique position of being able to make or break a new car in a way that no other publication has.

On top of the report card-like rating system, everything from the quality of interior trim to a car’s handling in emergency situations can be summed up in their five-point rating system ranging from excellent to poor.
The Cheat Sheet
The Cheat Sheet
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Technology is great! But we do have to remind our customers, losing modern car keys are pricey. For some reason, that hit to the wallet doesn't sink in fully until we bill them, which seems to be the ultimate reminder of what exactly you're paying for.

The days of $10 car keys are gone. Transponder technology isn't cheap, so be prepared to spend anywhere from $300 to even $700. Independent auto locksmiths such as us (Barneys Locksmith) can charge a lot less, on top of coming out to you with a computer diagnostic device, and a stock key for remodeling.

It would make sense to use us, aka, the independent auto locksmith in this scenario right?

While we are down there it might be worth ordering a spare or two, which comes out much cheaper since you don't have to pay to run the computer diagnostic or
the labor again.

When you're dealing with expensive items such as car keys, always do your research in advance and know how to approach the problem financially.

We will always help as best we can of course, providing our West Covina and Covina customers with cost-efficient advising when possible.
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