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Sterling and name plates dug at the flea market
The owner of the flea market told me that what is now the parking area used to be the gardens of the property.  Her family have been there for 4 generations and she has memories of picking slugs off the plants and weeding for her grandmother - not very fond...

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Baffled by what I find detecting the flea market site
July 8, 2018 I continue to be baffled, surprised and amazed at what I find digging around the flea market site that I have now been working for nearly 3 months.  It is terrific practice and I'm learning a lot and grateful to have this resource just 3 miles ...

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buttons, bullet casing, and big paper knife
July 6, 2018 I went out to dig the flea market right before the hot, humid weather broke.  I got home and the temperature and humidity plummeted and cool wind picked up!  But it was hot and muggy while I dug around under the tables in one section where the ...

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Minié ball, silver beads, mid 1800's gold plated cuff link and more
July 5, 2018 For my readers "from away", I want to remind you that I am in Maine, USA, near the coast.  Today it is over 90F as I write this and very humid.  I got out early to detect on one of the shady spots on the nearby flea market site that I have been...

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Time-lapse of nesting robins being fed by their mother
A robin decided to nest under the solar collectors on the south side of my workshop this year.  The nest is about 5ft off the ground and I have been watching since the first little blue egg was laid a few weeks ago. They all hatched a week or so ago . It is...

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Square Borneo 1 cent and musket balls
July 1, 2018 The weather here in Maine has turned oppressively humid and while it is "only" in the 80's, it is really unpleasant.  Nonetheless I soldiered on and hunted the Flea Market after it had closed.  I decided to "use the force" and just wander aroun...

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Detectoring interrupted by thunder storm
June 29, 2018 Sometimes Mother Nature tells you when it's time to pack up and go home!  I have an app called "My Lighting Tracker" on my phone.   As I was out detecting the Flea Market it was giving me warnings by vibrating in my pocket and making alert sou...

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OMG, 18KT gold plated ring
June 26, 2018 I have been having good luck in the vendor parking area of  the flea market site, so I went back to that area again today.  About 10 minutes into it I pulled up this bling!  18KT gold electroplate - the stones don't test as diamonds.  Basicall...

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Neato keeno! Captain Midnight medal of membership from 1940
June 24,2018 Neato, keeno.  Just when I was getting tire of digging up thrashed Lincoln pennies and junk at the flea market I came across this treasure.  A bronze 1940 vintage Captain Midnight Flight Patrol Medallion of Membership.  It features Captain Midn...

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Gaudy bling ring and Indian Motorcycle badge
June 20, 2018 It was a slow day digging st the flea market today, lots of scrap and a few pennies until I found all the items above withing a few minutes.  I realize that I have been spoiled by having this amazing location just a few miles from my home so I...
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