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The lady at the google fiber space said i would have to make my own, this would be ok if i was creative enough. Your way is much easier.
I requested them from the fiber space... But they were in pretty high demand. And I had to jump through a bunch of disorganized hoops.
You can try calling the fiber space first, they may have a better idea where their supply is by now.
i still have a piece of plywood i painted grey that i intend to finish making into a sign too
I considered it too but I'm already an outcast in my neighborhood. :P
Does anybody ever really fit in with a neighborhood of strangers? Im the guy that stands in my door and has a stare down with the kids riding their bikes in my driveway. ;)
Screw stare downs. I took the security camera video to their parents. :/ I didn't want to but my driveway is dangerous.
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