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Carolyn McCaffrey Stalnaker
Food blogger with a focus on photography
Food blogger with a focus on photography

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Shrimp Fra Diavolo
Short and sweet's my version of Shrimp Fra Diavolo! Spice it up or down however you desire and be sure to serve with a side of delicious bread! A SIMPLE WEEKNIGHT MEAL!!! You'll find my recipe here at SheKnows: Simple spicy shrimp with pasta

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Today's Clara Barton Schoolyard: A Closer Look and a Common Goal
As a school community, what saddens us most about these pictures, are that they   do not represent what's going on inside that building . Every day we drop our children off at Clara Barton Elementary. The bell sounds, the doors open and the students enterin...

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Pasta with Shrimp in a Spicy Red Sauce or aka Shrimp Fra Diavolo
   I've taken a little time off for personal reasons but I'm back... ...and I'm hungry! Especially for a bowl of this quick and easy pasta with shrimp in a spicy red version of Shrimp Fra Diavolo... Spice it up or down however you desire and be s...

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Sausage Pizza Tacos
 Before you say, "no way!"   Stop and think for a second... What's in a typical taco? Ground meat, spices, taco sauce...a little salsa with peppers and onion. Lettuce, cheese, cilantro...maybe a few other things??? Well these sausage pizza tacos are not tha...

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Brie and mushroom quesadilla
Gourmet comfort food! Find the recipe here at SheKnows: Brie and mushroom quesadilla recipe

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12 Days of Christmas Cocktails...
A fun and festive photo project I did last year for SheKnows... . Cheers to all and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! :)  For additional photos and the 12 drink recipes click here ~  12 Days of Christmas Cocktails

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Whisky Cake Recipe
Here is a whisky cake recipe I am thrilled to share with you all! Growing up, my mom would always make this weeks before Christmas... In the early years, she didn't have a heavy duty stand mixer...the batter is quite dense so I remember the mixing seemed aw...

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Brown sugar ginger rosemary crisp cookies
So they're not in the shape of little snowmen... ...and they're not covered with icing.  They're not dusted with confectioners sugar...  ...and they don't have chocolate ...or nuts. All that being said...I promise these Brown sugar ginger rosemary crisp coo...

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Pizza with crispy pancetta and soft baked egg recipe
If you're a fan of eggs on almost anything ...I say go ahead and add two or three more to the top of this pizza... If egg is not your thing...leave it off...this pizza is still totally delicious! You may not think this pizza looks all that special... but th...
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