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Man. I need to try harder over here.

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I miss this man. I miss him so much.

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Love this. 60 1-second films. So many awesome images.

Got to pretend to be depressed today for two hours. For the sake of education. :)

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Whoa. Lego dudes street painting. Sarasota, Fl. Now.

So, OKC...where should Dr. Pants do our EP release show in January for #TheTripSide3?

I'd like to know if people's experience of Google+ is the same as mine so far. At this point, from my perspective, people seem to be treating it a bit more like Twitter...I've been added by many, many people I do not know personally. Is this the same for you? Is every post-Twitter social network going to have a less "I-have-to-know-you-in-real-life" sort of attitude? Discuss.

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This is pretty fantastic.
(Tue04) Definitely a camera for the Christmas list for the Guy who has everything.

Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera


It's hard to narrow down what to post here. I feel like I'm under a lot of pressure to come up with something really good.

Need to stop ignoring this. I am (tardily) starting to realize how much is going on over here.
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