1. Wall Posts of some sort. Mentioning users via + or @ is all fine and dandy, but being able to leave comments directly on someone's profile or page is sorely missed.
2. Mass Tagging for Photos with Face Recognition. If you're anything like me ... You probably have a MILLION pictures that you need to move over from Facebook. In a situation like this, having to individually tag every photo is incredibly tiring. I'd appreciate the convenience of an updated photo tagging feature.
3: Maybe this is just a personal glitch, but ... I've tagged over a hundred photos of myself already, but they aren't showing up in the "Photos Of You" section in my profile. Where there should be 7 or 8 pages of photos (I know, shuttup, don't say it), you're only able to view 2 total pages. Meaning you're missing out on all of my content! I used the "View Profile As ______" section to double check. Would anyone mind checking my photo section and letting me know if there are only 2 viewable pages in the "Photos Of You" area?
4. A way to refer to people with + or @ by Nickname as well as by Full Name (it looks like we're all using Full Names on here).
5. Color schemes! Teehee~. I want pink. Justsaying.
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