Circle Assignments!

Well met, people who have added me recently! I do not always remember/get around to checking your profiles/streams, and thus do not always know where to place you. Most of my science/technology/geekery posts are public, but I do have some more specific circles. Comment or message me if you want to be in these circles:

Dragon*Con: People attending Dragon*Con 2012. (I know many who cannot make it but want to know about it; no worries, I will post Con photos and such publicly!)

Fan Club: Announcements, excerpts, etc. for my readers, editors, and anyone else interested in my writing. I will notify this circle about updates to my website or blog.

Gamers: News, thoughts, etc. about tabletop and video gaming. Honestly, half the time I end up posting those publicly anyway...

LGBTA: Topics relevant to queers and our allies. Also, occasional photos of me in drag.

Sex Positive: Frank (and insightful!) discussions of sex and sexuality. I do not post NSFW images directly in-stream, and give warnings for linked NSFW content.

Local: Events, outings, etc near Baltimore, Maryland. I consider 'local' to include any location within a ninety-minute radius of city limits (driving, in average traffic).

Chinese Speakers: Posts in Traditional Chinese script. I have not made many of those lately because I have not found a satisfactory Chinese language entry method in Linux (I loathe Pin-Yin).
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