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I really love this app I discovered in an article in the ASHA Leader.  It's for older kids (age 9+) to use themselves to help with social skills.
Benefits. Practice Conversation Strategies; Learn to Relax; Pursue Social Outings; Recognize Emotions; Transition Between Activities Effectively; Journal Social Progress; Develop IEP Goals; Regulate Speech Volume; Receive Feedback from Teachers, Parents, and Therapists ...
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This is one of the often overlooked aspects of disability service work. As an Assistive technologies I focus on function and compatibility. Thanks for sharing. 
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Sad news.
Pioneering American astronaut Sally Ride died today after a battle with pancreatic cancer. She was 61. In 1983, she became the first American woman to travel to space.
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She: "What's the difference between Google+ and Facebook?"
Me: "About 700 SAT points per user."
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OMG I hate the new mobile interface. I know I'm a little late saying so, but gross.
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Happy +Geek and Sundry Launch day! Here's our present to you. Please press share.
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If you're an adult who is not a teacher/SLP, please consider participating in this survey: 

Researchers at Vanderbilt University are conducting a study about phonological awareness skills of adults who are not teachers. Phonological awareness (the ability to think about sounds of words) is an important predictor of early literacy skills. We are interested in how much more phonological awareness knowledge teachers need than adults who are not teachers to effectively explain phonological awareness tasks to students.

Participation in the study involves responding to a survey and should take about 30 minutes.

 If you have any questions, please contact To access the survey, click Only adults 18 and older should complete the survey.
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Atlanta native with Yankee heritage. Best of all possible worlds.
I grew up in Atlanta, lived in Los Angeles for a while, moved back to Atlanta, and then moved to Nashville for a couple of years for grad school.  I really like cats.  I also really like science fiction and fantasy.
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Our fridge went out and we were dreading having to get a new one. We had it looked at a couple of years ago by a different company and the guy spent about 15 minutes, said the computer was going out and we just needed to use it until it broke, and charged us like $50. When it finally stopped working this week, we called Advanced Appliance Services per a recommendation from our neighbors on Nextdoor. Joe came out the next day, spent at least an hour checking it and seeing if it could be fixed, and finally told us we needed a new one. He did not charge us ANYTHING for that visit. He also said they had a bunch of reconditioned refrigerators and he would see what they had that was the same size. He sold us a beautiful GE Profile 3-door stainless fridge very similar to the one we had (which cost $4000) for $1000! He delivered it the next day and took our old one away! Very friendly and responsive, excellent service! Highly recommend!!
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Vape Atlanta (both locations) is the best vape shop in the city. The staff is SUPER friendly and helpful and they have awesome juices and products. I was a little bit intimidated to go into a vape shop for the first time when I first started vaping and knew very little about it. I was pleasantly surprised when I went to the L5P location and was greeted warmly. Staff introduced themselves to me and learned my name and were super helpful for a vaping n00b. That was almost a year ago now and I've been going there exclusively ever since!
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