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Take What You can, Give nothing Back
Take What You can, Give nothing Back

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2016: The year a billionaire and a lifelong corrupt politician team up to steal democracy and the white house.

The Plan?
Trump appeals to the angry masses to gain support, after saying utterly ridiculous things to try and sway voters to vote for a lying sack of shit who couldn't even be trusted to protect 4 Americans or an email server.

Plan backfires as Trump is shown crushing lying sack of shit in electability across the country AND freedom fighter Bernie slows her march to a crawl instead of leap to white house.

Billionaire calls upon business contacts known as "superdelegates" to steal election by omitting Bernie from ballots, closing polls to legal voters, and using media to announce that Bernie had no chance ever and the election was over even before 100% of votes were cast.

- Democracy has been replaced with Oligarchy
- Superdelegates were created to make sure money wins
- Our elections are bought, not won
- The baby boomer generation needs to be removed from power sooner than later
- this is how civil war begins

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Dipped the wheels on my z31 today
No more white dirty wheels!

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1400hp Supra

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Really sorry about posting the Religious thing by accident. Stuff like that doesn't belong here at all. SO here's this

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It's another giveaway time folks. This time it's the best gallery app out there. Focus.

Focus, if you don't know is a gallery app by none other than but our own +Francisco Franco

It is advanced, yet very simple to use. The app itself is free to download and use but requires a little IAP of $2~ for the full set of premium features. Which I think is pretty awesome. I've been using the app since the day it was released and loving it more and more as Franco pushes out some great and breathtaking updates. For the list of full set of features, check-out the Play Store listing.

Franco was sweet enough to hook me up with 5 promo codes for the app.

Here is what you need to do to have your chance to win the promo code for the premium version:

1) Circle +Francisco Franco
2) Circle +Arham Jamal
3) +1 this post
4) Reshare this post with #stayfocused

Bonus entries for:

1) Following Franco on Twitter.

2) Following me on Instagram.

That's as simple as it gets to enter this contest and have your chance to win this sweet sweet app. The contest will end in 24 hours from now.

Remember to #StayFocused

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Looks like all you bigots and homophobes are gonna have to stop watching. BYE
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