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With the Knicks winless in March after the February run of Lin-sanity, Mike D’Antoni resigns as reports swirled that he’d lost the team and that Carmelo Anthony wanted to be traded.
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Knicks always in turmoil. a lot of talk of going after Phil Jackson but i can't see him returning to the daily grind of it even in NY
He did indeed, +Les Thompson - I didn't think he would either. I thought they would just fire him at the end of the season.
Right, I thought they wait, too...the people were calling for blood, blaming Melo, but some were blaming D'Antoni as this, wow...
I don't really follow the Knicks. Is it telling that he did this before the trade deadline?
Umpossible. Carmelo sulked and demanded to be traded in Denver, citing that he knew without a doubt he absolutely wanted to play for the Knicks. How can it be that he is unhappy there?
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