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The shocking saga of Major League Baseball's most controversial player
The shocking saga of Major League Baseball's most controversial player
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Gd Flo
To anyone who is ready to judge this guy let me just ask you this, if you had puigs talent what would you do to get out of Cuba.
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Laura Topliffe

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Still trying to process last week's Marvel’s #AgentsofSHIELD? Get a new take on it with this episode of #Declassified, presented by Verizon Wireless.
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Laura Topliffe

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Why is Jean-Loup no longer a member? 
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LMAO!  I wouldn't say that +patrick stewart 
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It depends... 
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Laura Topliffe

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DYING to watch Marvel’s #AgentsofSHIELD again and again? Catch it anytime with WATCH ABC. #ItsAllConnected 
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Laura T
i live in Australia so i watch it on couch tuner. they are only up to episode 13 over here.
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Watch how an Arizona teen turned her jewelry passion into a multimillion dollar business!
Founder Bella Weems and CEO Robin Crossman discuss how Origami Owl has changed lives and the business world! How can you NOT want to be a part of this?!
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Laura Topliffe

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Thanks +Bram Smith!
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Laura Topliffe

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When you add in the cross-promotion possibilities with Marvel films and the fact that the next "Avengers" film is slated to come out when season 2 would be working up to a finale, it's highly unlikely that ABC will cancel "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." this year.
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Which one speaks to you the most?

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+Penax Purfuver - know someone who might benefit from seeing this?
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#FoamCupFriday is on and crackin' tonight!
Hell yea! It’s Foam Cup Friday on tonight from 9pm - 2am CDT! I'll be in the mix along with Dj Latin G. Please tune in and show some support! We have your shout out.. simply reblog or comment!

Tune in:
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Delightfully saucy!
Really?  How many Laura Topliffes are there out there?  A sports business professional with a burgeoning jewelry line (Laura Topliffe, Independent Designer).  With the occasional dash of silliness and sexiness

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