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Coleen Patrick

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!
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Hoooo. Es bonito.
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Coleen Patrick

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New post, new book--and a sale! Just in time for... President's Day. Because I'm sure George Washington rocked it as the boy next door, right? Happy Monday!
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Coleen Patrick

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More road trip fun (and a little bit of self-discovery)
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Coleen Patrick

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Last week the hub and I drove to Georgia and took a ferry from St. Mary’s to Cumberland Island National Seashore. We were greeted by a boulevard of trees. Welcome! The island is mysterious and kind…
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Coleen Patrick

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Taking some meditation cues from the birds :)
Last month I tried meditating. The kind where you sit in a quiet place and repeat a mantra. It didn’t go so well. Maybe I was a little too desperate for it to work, or maybe it was because m…
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Coleen Patrick

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This week I spent hours researching website logos. I already have a logo, but I just wanted to tweak mine, maybe find a little inspiration, make it somehow more representative of me. Well, at least…
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Coleen Patrick

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Happy Friday!
A doodle of the coffee that wakes me up and the donut that then makes me want to take a nap. 
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Coleen Patrick

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Warning: Vacation photos ;)
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I like to make stuff.
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