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Plants, sugar, fermentation
So plants and animals spend most of our time and effort taking in nutrients and storing them for use later as energy sources. We also take in carbon sources that probably could be used for energy and use them structurally, to build ourselves. The way we do ...

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Chapter 10, Unlikely Friends
awoke. The sound of a quieter sea reached out to him from some distance away,
letting him know that the beach was still nearby. As he opened his eyes he
remembered his last vision of the goblin pulling him toward what he knew must
be c...

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Chapter 9, Sea Adventures
hours had passed on their long flight over the sea. The excitement of the seascape
had passed, and while the sea itself remained beautiful and mysterious, Saxon
and Saurox had already begun to feel the strain of the last two long days of...

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Chapter 8, On the Trail of Adventure
Saurox, Scorch, and Sniffer set out from the nest in the warm afternoon sun.
Grandfather had figured that they could reach the Garden of Caves by evening to
bed down. Saxon’s wing felt much better so they flew light and easy over the

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Chapter 7, Brado
lay on the scorched ground with one tentacle lazily drifting in the molten lava
of Lake Raptus, the lava lake at the center of Kurabe Island. Of all of
Skorvul’s hordes on all the island of Kurabe, only Brado could actually touch the

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Chapter 6, Plans and Spies
Zefir sat in silence on the floor of his hut. His thoughts drifted to the spy
they had captured after he killed Kasso. The spy was now in the deepest dungeon
of Star Castle Keep where he had been questioned until he told of Captain

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Chapter 5, Saxon’s Grandparents
               The four
travelers made their way over the countryside, flying when Saxon’s wing felt
better, walking when he needed rest. Scorch rode on Saurox’s leg when they flew
and as they walked he would scurry into the forest, sometimes bringing back

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Chapter 4, Evil Plans
“Where is he? Why haven’t we heard back from him?” snapped
Captain Skorvul.                “I don’t
know sir, we haven’t heard anything in days. He must be deep in the Starkans’
camps and unable to send a message.” Said his first lieutenant Morgard, a giant...

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Chapter 3 Danger in the Desert
              Saxon’s wing was still hurting from his fall into the lake
so Saurox offered to bring to him to his home in the Dread Desert beyond Mount
Black Top. The trip covered many miles but Saurox transformed himself into a
flying sea dragon so he coul...

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Chapter 2 The Winds of Change
“Professor!” gasped Hexo, as he dodged yet another rock
thrown by the great troll. “I can’t do anymore!” “You can always do more” Said the
Professor quietly. “Most of the time you won’t have any choice.”                Professor
Zefir looked up at his stran...
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