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Yakira Heistand
Writer. Adventurer. Have pen, will travel. Don't call me, I'll call you.
Writer. Adventurer. Have pen, will travel. Don't call me, I'll call you.


Circle Maintenance 

There are a lot, and I mean Alot of people who have circled me in the past year that I have not circled back. Mostly because they never said hello. There are some folks who I un-circled because their posts were mostly re-posting other people's crap. Well NaNo is approaching again and I enjoyed the support I got last year here on G+ so I want to refine my writers circle, and clean up in general. Not everyone wants to hear about my knitting, my homeschooling, or my kids. So here are your choices my friends:

Ravelry: Knitting and other fiber persuits
NSFW: BST, BDSM, Poly and all sorts of other naughty things
Writing: General writing circle
NaNo: NaNo support and encouragement
Erotica Writers: Self explanatory
Bloggers: For folks who blog and want to share
Homeschoolers: All things kids and learning
Esty Shop Owners: Do you have an Etsy shop? Do you like to shop on Etsy?
All Things Food: Cooking and eating
Uncluttering Club: Do you need support and encouragement cleaning up and organizing? I do. Help me out here.

Any questions? Good. Heave to!

So I'm playing around with Just bought my own domain, Moved my blog from blogger. 

Any tips for wordpress?

Maybe I'll actually blog regularly now.

I doubt it.

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Hey Plustopia! Take a look at what my mother is up to. Her pictures are stunning!

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I have a sock problem. None of these lovely socks has a mate. 

Good morning Plustopia!  It's a beautiful day. I walked the dogs and am now having a cup of coffee while I plan the day. 

Project the first: Find the dining room table. It is covered in stuff.
Project the second: Fling! I have to go through our massive collection of games and pull out the ones we don't play.
Project the third: Vacuum and dust the dining room.

What do you have on your plate today?

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I haven't shared any yarn porn in a while. Here's some Masham I spun for TdF.

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Had to reshare this. I left a job today that was sucking my soul right out of me.
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This is for +Tejas Richard and +Deb Pardee !  You eatin' my oatmeal cream pie?
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