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Comfort During Cancer - From Our Heart to Yours
Comfort During Cancer - From Our Heart to Yours

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Lots To Live For, Inc. is Dedicated to Delivering Comfort During Cancer
Lots To Live For, Inc. is a curated collection of cancer resources dedicated to delivering comfort to individuals who are battling the unpleasant and uncomfortable side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. The Daily Voice recently wrote an article describ...

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Underarm Care for Cancer Patients - Read Ingredient Labels
This blog post is an abbreviated version of the post:   Nurture Your Armpits – Especially When You Are Undergoing Cancer Treatment which appeared on the Breast Cancer Yoga Blog in March 2016 What you put on your body matters – especially when you are underg...

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Relief: Comfort Slings Help Relieve Abrasions and Dermatitis Beneath The Breast
by Margot Malin, CEO and Founder of Lots To Live For, Inc. Patients who are undergoing radiation therapy on the underside of their
breasts may develop radiation dermatitis, painful sores, and even weepy
lesions in the skin folds beneath their breasts. The...

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Recording Gratitude as a Daily Ritual to Improve Happiness
by Margot Malin, Founder of Lots To Live For, Inc. What makes you thankful? Focus on what you have - not what you don't - by identifying and noting at least one positive thing in your life each day. Cultivating gratitude by recording the things we are grate...

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Read about inspirational stories of "miracle survivors" or cancer patients that "beat the odds". Author Tami Boehmer says "While I call the individuals in this book, “miracle survivors,” overcoming the odds wasn’t something that just happened to them. Each person took a very active role in overcoming their challenges by becoming advocates for themselves and others and never giving up."

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Do you know someone suffering from nausea caused by chemotherapy treatment? Read this blog post to read about tips to help control nausea. Controlling nausea can significantly improve your comfort and can help to you to complete chemo treatments as scheduled. Please share this post with someone you know who might be suffering from chemo nausea.

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Creating the Best Chemo Goody Bag - Helpful Items to Bring to Chemotherapy Treatment
by Margot Malin, Founder and CEO of Lots To Live For, Inc. This is a condensed version of the post entitled  GREAT CHEMOTHERAPY GIFT IDEAS AND HOW TO CREATE YOUR OWN CHEMO GOODY BAG which appeared in the Breast Cancer Yoga Blog on February 11, 2014 It is im...

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CV Skinlabs Restorative Skin Balm Helps Healing of: Surgery Scars, Dry Skin, Shallow Skin Biopsies
by Britta Aragon, Founder of CV Skinlabs This blog post is a condensed version of the original post on the new Lots To Live For Blog dated 2/25/2014: CLICK HERE Cancer treatments cause a number of side effects, and some
of the most lasting and potentially e...

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Exercise is an important component of a cancer survivor’s recovery process. Emerging research suggests a decrease in breast cancer recurrence for those who exercise. This new book by Carol Michaels is an excellent resource. A well-designed program can also decrease side effects and improve quality of life. Moreover, acceptance of exercise as part of a good recuperation and standard of care has been gaining momentum in the medical community.

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6 Tips to Help Cancer Patients Become More Organized and Comfortable During Treatment
by Margot Malin This is a condensed version of a longer post that was published on the Breast Cancer Yoga Blog entitled: Cancer Pre-Treatment Check List – 6 Tips To Make Your Life Easier Once You Begin Treatments You can read the full post at:  http://breas...
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