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one of the nation’s largest automotive electronic refurbishing facilities
one of the nation’s largest automotive electronic refurbishing facilities

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We have updated our new dealer account form on the internet.  This will allow new dealers to submit new account information more easily.  If you already have an account with Specmo Enterprises and you need to submit a simple update (such as changing your email address), simply send an email to  DO NOT complete this online form for updates to your current account.  Here's hoping we have some more new dealers come to try out Specmo's excellent service and products.

Q: What can I do if my trip odometer resets to 0 when I turn off the vehicle?
A: If the cluster loses battery power (dead battery) it may lose the ability to retain the trip mileage. This is very easy to set back up. All you have to do is turn the key to the run position (do not start the vehicle) and push the reset stem five times. Make sure the trip odometer is displaying and hold the stem in for 30 seconds.

Don't forget that we offer calibration and MPH to KMH conversion services on a wide range of vehicle makes. GM vehicle conversion includes submission of the conversion to the GM Global Warranty System when applicable. Our odometer setting services extend to include many GM, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Kia, Volvo, Bentley, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Hyundai vehicles!

Q: Why do I hear a ticking/grinding noise inside my cluster?
A: Many vehicles built after 2001 use a stepper motor instead of air coils for the cluster gages. The noise that you hear is that stepper motor moving. Every stepper motor has this noice even if the stepper has just been replaced. However, the noise that you hear does not affect the performance or the reliability of the stepper motor.

Here at Specmo, our car audio expertise is not limited to GM makes and models. We can repair sound systems for a wide array of makes and models. Call us at (800) 545-7910 with inquiries. Out competent customer service team is standing by, always ready to assist with any questions you may have

DRACs and DRABs are Digital Ratio Adapter Calibrator/Buffers and are utilized in 1990-2002 Light to Medium Duty trucks and Step Vans. If the vehicle uses one of these modules and a change has been made to the tire size or gear ratio, replacement is usually necessary. These modules are sometimes referred to as speed senors or speed buffers. If you have come to the conclusion that you will need a... DRAC or a DRAB, orders for these parts require detailed information to ensure accuracy. This information includes:

*VIN number – to verify that the correct part is being ordered for the vehicle.
*Mileage – Needed for the Specmo 12/12 limited parts warranty coverage
*Rear Axle Ratio
*Tire Size
*Tread Type – such as Mud&Snow, Highway, All season
*Circumference – Measured around the outside of the tire.

For exchange purposes, ensuring that the correct part number is obtained from the unit is imperative. GM's exchange program requires that all radios and clusters should be exchanged part for part, except in instances where the original part number has been superseded. Pulling the unit physically is the most accurate way to ensure that the correct part number is being ordered but in some instance...s that just isn't possible. When other methods must be used to obtain part numbers, it is equally imperative to have the installing technician verify that the part number on the customer's core matches the part number on the exchange unit prior to opening and installing the exchange unit. If the numbers do not match and you are unsure if the part is a valid supersession, call our customer service department prior to installing the exchange unit for part number confirmation. Our knowledgeable CSRs can determine whether or not the customer's core will be an appropriate return in accordance with GM's guidelines.

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It's been unseasonably warm in Michigan, and that's got us thinking about summer! Summer and fast cars are like two peas in a pod, and we're liking these COPO Camaros.

A majority of our courtesy core reminder notices are delivered by e-mail. If the employee who once received this e-mail is no longer with the dealership, you can update the e-mail address by e-mailing or by calling (800) 545-7910 to ensure that the dealership is still receiving these notices.

Navigating Warranty Types Part 2:
In follow up to our last warranty posting, we wanted to make note that there are a number of issues that could disrupt a smooth warranty transaction when placing your warranty pre exchange orders. One of the most common is mileage discrepancies. What this means is that mileage given at the time of order conflicts with the last recorded mileage in the GM Global Warranty system. If the mileage submitted for the order is lesser than the last recorded mileage, GM will reject the warranty claim. This is a common reason for unnecessary repeat exchanges that might have been avoided by verifying the mileage history in GWM. Repeat exchanges are always an inconvenience to the vehicle owner as well as the dealership. A second common issue occurs with GM Goodwill warranties. These warranties are not listed in GM Global Management for review upon order, therefore it must be stipulated at the time of order to ensure that the warranty claim will process. Per GM Bulletin# 05-00-89-045B, the ESCs are not allowed to change the warranty status of an order to "GM Goodwill" after the order has been placed. Of course, if you are concerned that there may be a warranty problem with one of your orders feel free to contact our customer service department any time for guidance on this topic.
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