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Alexandria Quinn
I am first a Christian second an artist.
I am first a Christian second an artist.

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Thursday Think Tank: A Day in the Life of an Art Educator!
I just wanted to do a quick run down of what my typical day looks like for all of you! 5:00 am Wake Up, Get Ready, Breakfast, & Hit the Road! 7:15 am Arrive at School Put my Apron on! As soon as I arrive I put on my apron. I may not always need it, but its ...

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Monday Mayhem: Altered Books
A little abstract cover carving. This was done at home! For all your sneaky phone hiding and charging needs! "It's a portal." Check out this habitat! Altered book with some hidden fossils! Look at all these altered books!

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Coping with Seasonal Students
Yesterday I received an email that a student had been withdrawn from school and that he would not be returning. Even though I never experienced this while growing up, as a teacher I now have 20-30 students every year that arrive and then leave within months...

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Hey everyone! It has been one crazy ride through these first few weeks of school and its safe to say that I'm glad to be back! BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! I just created a FACEBOOK page for Come to the Art Side! You can click on the tab at the top of the site OR you ...

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Monday Mayhem: Gang Prevention Poster 3rd Place
We have a 3rd place winner this year! So happy for my student!

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How to Encourage Creativity
Just a week or so ago a friend posted a very good question: Art friends: what do you recommend for sketching? I want to gift a sketch pad and something to draw with just as an outlet. Several people, including myself, gave some great suggestions and ideas t...

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Thursday Think Tank: Famous Artist Sculpture Project
Ten points to those of you who can guess this artist! I've done a project like this before with my 5th graders a few years ago(you can find that HERE ), but this time around we took an in depth look at some famous artists and created larger sculptures! I pu...

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Monday Mayhem: Art Teachers Holiday
The Today is a student/teacher holiday for us, however I am here up at school working on getting some clay fired. I wonder how many hours I have put in over the years, spending time up at school outside of the typical school hours. I think that is one thing...

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Monday Mayhem: Midterm Exams, New Principal, New Semester
If you haven't noticed I have been very quiet this year! It wasn't my intention, but a lot has been happening in my home life and the life of my school. 1. My roommate got married last year and moved out during the break. 2. I decided I wanted to take my st...

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Monday Mayhem: Blog Changes
I've had this page on my blog for so long, but alas the time has come to make room for another art club here at my new school.  I did want to however save this as a remembrance. Thanks to everyone who supported my elementary art club and students! Here's th...
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