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Announcing my new Christmas piano improvisation CD! Traditional carols and hymns as requested by friends. Listen online for free, or name your own price for downloads.

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There are days of loss and sadness, fear and depression, when it hurts too much to pray, and all the cheery old praise songs sound tinny and hollow. Hymns and Lamentations is an album for those days. With haunting new arrangements of hymns that deal honestly with grief and doubt, the vulnerable sound of the piano and vocal create a place of silence and sympathy. Original melodies and sensitively re-imagined classics articulate faith and doubt, without turning away. These are not songs to make you cheer up; these are songs to let you know you’re not alone in your grief.

#Hymns   #Piano    #Worship   #Music  

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Who is he in yonder stall?

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Somebody's customer service is about to be breaking bad....

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What's your function?

"Dear Eric: I can't stop myself from reading everything as an awful oceanography pun. What should I do? --Jacques" 

Dear Jacques: SEA KELP!

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News Item: "Pope Francis has paid tribute to his predecessor Benedict XVI in his first letter to clergy, acknowledging that most of it was written by Benedict..."

Worth noting. It is not often we see an encyclical built for two.

(From today's "QT" by Zay N. Smith.) #JiggeryPopery

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What a deal!

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Although I prefer not to get into politics online, I do think it's nice of these schools to provide work for unemployed pirates.
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