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Gen Con Event Registration opened this Sunday. If you are interested in attending any events or want to sign up for one of our 4 events please go to this link and you should see our World of Darkness events or search for other events. Currently we still have tickets available for 3 of our 4 Table Top Events.

There are many oWoD and nWoD events taking place. Many of the table top events can fill up quick so if your interested in table top I would suggest to sign up asap. There are also many Larps taking place and can be a bit easier to get into, all the same I would also suggest to sign up at your earliest convince if you plan on going.

Currently we have:

Two tickets left for our Vampire game
Two tickets left for our Hunter game
Six tickets left for our Werewolf game
Sold out for our Mage game.


Welcome to Madtown!

The Year: 2017

Known to the world as "77 square miles surrounded by reality," this city is a beacon of hope in a sea of darkness. Last year, the four major powers: Garou, Kindred, Mages, and Hunters created the Gahara Pact, a supernatural pact to fight the darkness that sieges this world.

Four Gen Con events will be running concurrently in the same room. Actions at one table will impact circumstances at another.

Madtown Summit Events:

Imbued Faction: (Hunter The Reckoning, 10 Player, Tabletop 1st Edition)

Enlightened Faction: (Mage the Ascension, 10 Player, Tabletop 20th Anniversary Edition)

Kindred Faction: (Vampire the Masquerade, 10 Player, Tabletop 20th Anniversary Edition)

Garou Faction: (Werewolf the Apocalypse, 10 Player, Tabletop 20th Anniversary Edition)
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