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Invitation from TED. I've taken the liberty of starring the icky parts.

Membership levels and pricing:
We will offer both the Standard Membership at a cost of $6,000, and the Donor Membership at $12,000. If you can afford it, we do invite you to consider applying at the Donor level. In addition to the extra privileges that come at the conference with *the different color on your badge*, a larger portion of your fees are treated as a donation, and you'll be making a significant contribution to spreading knowledge, insight and inspiration around the world.
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So, what color goes on the badge?  I mean, hey, it could be flattering to your skin tone...
Congrats, I love TED, but it also seems to be a big money-making machine.. Lots of money to build a stage and upload some videos to their website.
TED reminds me of LEXUS....if I have to explain you are not 'there' yet.
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