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A quick round up of some Internet of Things links that were interesting today.

1) The OS you never heard of. Ford and MS have shipped 5m cards with SYNC. What I hadn't previously realized is that it is intended not only as a driver interaction experience, but also as the heart of control and monitoring systems.
2) My colleague +Jon Bruner on smart grid challenges.
3) From my friend +John Fritz this link looks at ARM's interest in the Internet of Things. Or, as he puts it, "Looks like Skynet will at least be power efficient."

By the way, if you know of interesting industrial applications of the internet of things idea, please let me know in the comments or here:
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These days anything that microsoft-ie is involved in, I do not trust. Since they turned 'subcontinental' in mindset, they are not to be trusted. Proof: Windows 8 and MSIE 10. Dwah bu dwah?
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