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NBC is doing this wrong.
1) Go to, get asked "do you want to download the free app?" No. Continue to web site.
2) On home page click on "Watch: Reliving a Magical Moment"
3) Get another screen that says Download the app to "Experience the best of the Olympic games" Dammit. Ok.
4) Back to "Download the app" - but there are two of them. Which one will give me that video. I just wanted to watch what looked like an embedded video!
5) Close browser before I download the app, get asked to enter my cable company credentials, and I start throwing things.

I just wanted to watch the one video you had highlighted on the home page! 
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in contrast, here in spain rtve (public radio and tv broadcasting) is offering all events live and on demand through tv, web and ios/android app, clean and easy. i suppose is the contrast between a private-for-profit broadcasting co and a public one - i have feedback that bbc's coverage in gb is as good as we are having here
Dude, go back to drinking your $15/pint socialist beer. :)
Ok, now those are fighting words. There is no better place in the world to drink great beer than the good old U.S. of A. The days of pisswater and crap are over. We have GREAT beers here.

In fact, my local pub has 26 beers on tap, every day. And they rock. :)
Sam Adams is ok. But I'm talking about the emergence of lots of great little breweries. Next time you are in the States let me know. I'll make a believer out of you. :)
Hmm... I'm heading out that way tomorrow...
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