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Hey +Arturo Earle I could do that. But 1) i don't feel like it's "right" in a fully qualified sense of what the word means. and 2) my point is really that I'm just frustrated with the magnitude of the lost opportunity here with NBC. In a "conventional sense" their coverage is actually pretty good. I am a FIOS subscriber so I do actually have access to their streaming properties and I used them last night to watch the 106kg women's weightlifting into the wee hours of the morning. That is an event I could have never seen in a conventional tv-only Olympic coverage. But it's just that it bugs me at a visceral level that I had to log into my Verizon account, via an NBC olympics page, to view a youtube video. That is a broken vision of the Internet.

Spending money to circumvent their "legally legitimate" licenses isn't the path I want to take to fix it though.
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