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Just want to see how this works.  Not too sure about it yet.
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I have been storing my legacy items here for many years and have used a number of the different sized lockers. The manager, Jerri, is wonderful to work with and her staff treats everyone with great professionalism.
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I have been going to this Sport Clips since it opened and get the best treatment every time. I get the MVP Season Pass and usually have the manager, Lauren, cut my hair. She is always mutlitasking (cutting hair, answering the phone and welcoming guests) and keeping up with some nice conversation too. Its a pretty busy place, so I always call about 30 minutes before I leave my office to make sure I can get my hair cut during my lunch hour. Three Cheers for Sport Clips Woodbury,
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This is my second year using Woodbury Family Optometry and this year's experience is even better. The doctor and his staff are very professional, friendly and helpful. As a professional optical engineer and instructor myself, it was easy for me to follow the doctor's explanations of all the points about my exam and the results. However, I believe that any person using this doctor's services will be able to understand his very clear explanations of the exam and its results. The technician that used the automated exam systems was also very good at his job. I highly recommend using Woodbury Family Optometry, the products and services are the best I have encountered.
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Guest apartment for visiting faculty is amazing. Thanks
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