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Ken Lin
Never stop sharing with the world!
Never stop sharing with the world!

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Dear naked fellow gym member in the steam room, with a Starbucks coffee, shouting loudly on your cellphone.... you're ANNOYING!

so out of the blue I find out late today that I'm heading to Dallas, TX to be onsite with my primary client. I'm excited as I haven't traveled for work since March 2011.

after a long work day (9+ hours)... I really don't want to turn on my work laptop and continue but alas I have to. I keep thinking, finish this one project and the rest of this week and next would be free. So wanna nap though.

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Whoa! Is this really a scene in Skyrim? I guess I'll have to RUN home and play it a few (12+ hours) to find out!

Skyrim sex life.

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Stupid Twilight Fans. That panel isn't until Thursday at 11am PDT. They started lining up YESTERDAY? C'mon get a life!

My mom just told me that she heard on the Chinese radio (KAZN) that Apple is coming out with a phone in September. Really mom? REALLY?

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Really loving this song right now!

oh my! Pre-Sales for Chromeo, Robyn/Royksopp, and Beirut all happening this week. * overwhelmed but excited *

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For all you food truck lovers! Here's a great site:
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