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How To Make Google+ Feel Like A Ghost Town
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I try and comment on posts that I find interesting.
Certainly true ..w hat's the point on being on a social network if you don't want to be social .
+Michael Buttler People forget that it's called a social network and not a broadcast network where they just post all day about themselves and their business.
I literally thought about making almost this exact same graphic. If you french fry when you pizza, you're gonna have a bad time.
To me, Google+ is not a social network. It's my interest network that happens to have a social aspect. Embrace saying hi to people you don't know, but which share one of your interests!
Be my guest, +Mike Stenger! Google+ is not Facebook. It deals with things that happens in your areas of interest, and it is the place to share and receive knowledge. If I need a shoulder to cry on - I go to close friends and family on Facebook.
This picture defines facebook to a tee!
Interaction is what it's all about, it's why we're all here!
I agree +Mike Stenger, What's the point in being un-social on a social network!
Engage! :o)
Thanks for the hints on how to have a bad time.

Without this guy I would only have non-bad time. Such a lifesaver.
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