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Anthony Young
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Lover of WISDOM

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What's your desktop wallpaper at 1:44?

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"I wanna know what those girls were doing in your room?"
"He told you. They were making a sandwich." :DDDDDD

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At a boy, DM2525!!! Using their tactics against them. Sweet!
Please, DM2525, DO NOT make us wait whole month for another video!!!

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Amazing Hotel in China

Please Follow: +Interesting Things

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this is good. I love the idea. it's even romantic and creative at the same time. good choice.
does anyone know who made it?
Waterfall Swing!

Who is up for it?

#gif   #gifs   #waterfall   #swing   #cool  
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be they bad or good ones...
imagine if you have amnesia...
no matter how much something is painful, it teaches you something
and the joy of remembering the good moments it is invaluable
Memories are also something that can't ever be taken from one.

#Nice      #Memories    #Gif  
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