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A new Tools of the Trade episode about spinning. It provides an extremely high level & simplistic overview of spinning, as well as the tools & materials to get started.
This article is part of the Tools of the Trade series, sponsored by the Geek Girl Crafts Podcast. The author, Jade Falcon describes the how to buy and maintain a sewing machine.  You can listen to this podcast: Or directl...
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Okay, we just found out there was an issue with this episode! I'll re-upload it tonite to get it fixed! Sorry about that.
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Woot! Agent Carter got renewed!
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It's way better than the other marvel tv show.
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There are Star Wars fans...and then there are Star Wars FANS who will go to great lengths to try and score premier tickets to the upcoming Star Wars film.

Personally, I think this was rather ingenious, not to mention FRICKING COOL!
Two 'Star Wars' fans went the distance to impress director J.J. Abrams.
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After a couple of delays, we finally got the next episode up, and this time with a special guest!
In this episode, the girls have a special guest host. The three discuss cosplay costume accessories, such as large props, like wings and weapons. They talk about the rules and policies at various conventions surrounding prop ...
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Her Universe is going to be releasing their Avengers clothing collection! We love their stuff, and can't wait!
The new collection will include a Loki dress, Black Widow jacket, and more.
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Ever been confused about what to look for in a sewing machine? This Tools of the Trade episode goes over how to buy a sewing machine, where to look for one, and some maintenance tips.
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In this episode, the girls geek out about the movie, "Avengers: Age of Ultron". There is a MAJOR SPOILER ALERT for this episode. After reviewing the movie, the girls talk about their current set of projects from knitting to cosplay.
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I'm liking how Katana looks in this cast shot!
Here's your first official look at Cara Delevingne (Enchantress), Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn), and Will Smith (Deadshot) — among others.
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Lately, Harley's been looking underarmored.
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I'm sorry that I forgot to post this episode release on Saturday! But in this special episode, the trio are back in style and squee'ing about their latest geekry and crafting projects.
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The original drawings for Wonder Woman's outfit is really cute!
Section: For Sale / Original Comic Art / Miscellaneous / H.G. PETER. Primary Artist Name: H.G. PETER. Secondary Artist Name: Year: 1941. Brief Item Description: H. G. Peter - Original Illustration of Wonder Woman (ca. 1941). This is, a unique and important piece of comic book history, ...
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I could see them trying for Grecian / Roman sandals, but not with that heel.
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Another knitter with mad skillz creates a Captain America cosplay.
Need a custom-fitted superhero costume? Better get your knitting needles out and dive into your yarn stash like cosplay enthusiast Fangirl Physics did when she knitted herself an entire Captain America costume by hand! Although she didn’t put out a pattern for this project, she did share thorough documentation of …
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That is so cool did you make that
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This is really cool to make your own diadem.
Greetings, gentle readers! Are you ready to follow me down the rabbit hole of shiny objects? It's not for the timid - these tiaras bite. I'll let you know now, they're vicious little creatures. My hands are cut, burned, and s...
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