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IF you're a hard core geek collector AND if you have a spare few thousand dollars, you might be interested in this auction.....Daleks, Wolverine, Super Man...Oh my!
Full catalogue now available online: The Prop Store Entertainment Memorabilia live auction will see over £1 million worth of film memorabilia go under the hammer. Over 450 lots will be sold on the 23rd of September at the BFI IMAX, London.
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Wow, a full on Robin "batsuit" from the movie!
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Did you know about the Museum of Science Fiction? I didn't either. Who's up for a trip to Washington DC???
The Museum of Science Fiction in Washington, DC will be the world’s first comprehensive science fiction museum, covering the history of the genre across the arts and providing a narrative on its relationship to the real world. Our mission is to create a center of gravity where art and science are powered by imagination.
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The future of make-up is Star Wars....
May the force of waterproof mascara be with you.
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Oh this is super cute! I bet +Island Vixen  wouldn't mind an octopi in her hexipuff quilt....

This may have convinced me I need to make a Beekeeper Quilt.
About a month ago the tiny owl knits community made Miss Owl herself a beekeeper's quilt of her own!  I was struck by the love of the community and found myself crying right along with Stephanie in the video.  In addition to ...
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That's awfully cute!
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In this Tools of the Trade episode (#80), Sandy discusses hand knitting, the necessary items, and the basics to get started.
This article is part of the Tools of the Trade series, sponsored by the Geek Girl Crafts Podcast. The author, Sandy Jacobs-Tolle describes the basics of handknitting. You can listen to this podcast: Or directly download...
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+Amy Echeverri
I know someone who's really passionate about tatting, I can ask her if she's game.
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This is an AWESOME DIY upcycle!
Make an EARPHONE HOLDER (...from a mint container). Add pops of texture to the top or leave it plain...a great way to keep those earphones tangle free!
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Could be a stitch-marker box for your knitting bag, too!
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In last week's podcast episode (because I was a dork and forgot to post this....), the girls talk about upcoming reboots, remakes, and new storylines for our favorite childhood shows, such as X-Files, Twin Peaks, Bab5, Star Wars, and the Muppets...and maybe they fan girl squee'd just a little bit.  Then in DIY-news, Sandy & Jade talk about their latest fiber art projects and cosplay projects for upcoming cons.
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This is a nice look-back at the fashion of Star Trek:TNG
It can be difficult to design costumes for a science fiction series. Your characters must be wearing something believable, but the outfit also must convey how very alien this new world is. Some shows get it right, but for others, like the Star Trek franchise, there's a long-standing tradition of ...
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You could rock the "devils" outfit in the picture above. 
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In this episode, the girls discuss self-rescuing princesses and how we are seeing more and more of this trope in modern story-telling. Then in crafting, Sandy & Jade discuss their latest works in progress, including fiber crafting (knitting and spinning) and cosplay. Our apologies for not getting this out got in the way.
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More friends chatting I can listen to!
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Yup! Girls ARE GAMERS.
Superdata Research studies have found that just over half of all PC gamers in the US are female.
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Never doubted it. :)
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We can't wait for the new novel to come out in October!
Black Widow isn’t just a sidekick—and Margaret Stohl’s got just the book to prove it. The best-selling author of the Beautiful Creatures franchise ...
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A new Tools of the Trade episode about spinning. It provides an extremely high level & simplistic overview of spinning, as well as the tools & materials to get started.
This article is part of the Tools of the Trade series, sponsored by the Geek Girl Crafts Podcast. The author, Jade Falcon describes the how to buy and maintain a sewing machine.  You can listen to this podcast: Or directl...
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Okay, we just found out there was an issue with this episode! I'll re-upload it tonite to get it fixed! Sorry about that.
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