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Sam Balsama
Marketing Smarts @RumbleStripCo | Pixel Pusher | Small Wig Consultant | Life is a manifestation of choice. Choose wisely.
Marketing Smarts @RumbleStripCo | Pixel Pusher | Small Wig Consultant | Life is a manifestation of choice. Choose wisely.

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This advice will be nearly impossible to follow but… I may look deeper into it. I am an optimization advocate for all things, not just marketing. So, it makes sense to want to optimize my life! 

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Excellent intro to Executive Answer's vision for its clients, an agency providing an end-to-end business solution for the digital economy. 

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Good video. A healthy blend of search and social experience is critical to a balanced approach to online marketing.
Always Be Optimizing! That's the message from +Lee Odden in this video interview about his useful new book: Optimize.

Here's one question I asked Lee: "is having SEO experience the best possible background for social media, or the worst possible background for social media?"

What do you say?

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Great post!
Three critical steps to evaluate the execution of your social campaign— provided by Meltwater's own, +Ric Pratte.

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Who doesn't have eight minutes for such nerdery? I def do!
If you're interested in search or SEO (search engine optimization), we taped an eight minute video that talks about how Google crawls, indexes, and ranks web documents.

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The new Google+ comes with new vocabulary!

Activity drawer - a slide-out box that displays +1s and reshares (pictured below). Just click on the set of mini icons and thumbnails on the right just below posts.

Application - features and destinations, such as "Home," "Profile," "Pages," "Hangouts" and so on are now called "applications" or "apps."

Card - the box that contains posts and everything that goes with it (comments, plus ones, shares, action buttons, menus, third-party browser extension links like "Translate," etc.

Explore - a new page or "application" that shows you a variety of stuff that might interest you, including "Who to follow," "What's Hot," and presumably other stuff in the future.

Ribbon - "Applications" sit in a strip of real estate on the left called the "ribbon."

Please study these. There will be a quiz tomorrow. ; )

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Social distribution of original content is the norm. The only 'Paperboy' we'll soon have is the old-school video game (which was fantastic).

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I was complaining about this exact issue yesterday! Yippee!
#the5: Facebook announces that it now supports high resolution photos:

About bloody time! It's still only 4x as large as before, so you won't be putting up those 20 megapixel shots from your DSLR, but it's an improvement.

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I completely share in this line of thinking. SXSW seems to be more Ibiza than innovation at this point.
SXSW is a big event

Did you know that GoWalla shut down at SXSW and no one noticed?

Also many companies did product launches, but I don't think many knew that either?

Should a company host an event at SXSW? How about sponsor one?

The social dynamics of this event are getting so overwhelming, it's hard to see through the noise.

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Hear hear, +Jason Falls!
Dear Google+ - Please open your API so that the tools most people use for publishing to multiple networks can use you. That's the primary reason I don't post here often. It doesn't fit into my current toolset or workflow. Any ETA on that +Louis Gray?
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