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Use a flashlight to cook your next camp meal
No matter how easy it looks in the movies, starting a fire is hard when you've got little more than some wood and a bit of fiber. Now, most people in this situation would come a little more prepared, but just think: a flashlight that could start a fire for you? That's a camper's dream come true.
Now there is such a flashlight that can kick out a whopping 2,300 lumens with its halogen light, burn through plastic, start a fire and even fry eggs. It is only 8.6 inches long and weighs 13.6 ounces. While it’s not going to be the most efficient flashlight or the highest-tech one, it will certainly kick out a ton of energy for its relatively tiny size. It might be brighter than LED lights, but it’ll waste more energy in the process as well. It also comes equipped with a “smart switch”, which ensures it won’t just turn on and start a massive forest fire.
It’s a cool thing, isn’t it?
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Reminder: Bring A Flashlight When You Go Hiking
There are certain items that a person should have when heading into the woods for ANY length of time. One of these items is a flashlight.
Each year, the NYS DEC Forest Rangers need to head out into the woods to assist people down off of mountains, or find a trail that they lost, or get back to their campsite because they didn’t bring a flashlight.
Plan your trip so that you will be out of the woods by dusk. If you want to do a long trip, or an overnighter, it’s much easier to start in the dark and hike through the day than it is to start in the light and hike into the night!
ALWAYS bring a flashlight, regardless of what you are planning. You don’t want to end up on the NYS DEC Search & Rescue Report because you didn’t have a light.
Here you can find the best hiking flashlight for the money
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