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Great article about specificity in CSS.

If you want source order to match specificity - (a, b, c) where c is always more specific - you can use the following technique:

/* Before - specificity in DESC order */ 
main.content aside.sidebar ul li a { }
aside.sidebar ul a { }
.sidebar a { }

/* After - specificity in ASC order */ 
main.content aside.sidebar ul li a { }
:root:root aside.sidebar ul a { }
:root:root:root .sidebar a { }

Since pseudo-classes can be chained, i.e. :root:root:root will still match the <html> element, you can arbitrarily add specificity to any selector to make it more specific than the previous selector.

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Makes a lot of sense :)

"The Australian accent is the product of colonial settlers getting drunk, according to one of the country’s speech experts."

"Mr Frenkel says “poor communication is evident among all sectors of Australian society” and says the average Australian speaks to two-thirds of their capacity"

#australia   #straya  

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Great introduction to solar panels for home owners.

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My first blog post in over a year:

I wanted an easy way to switch between two DNS servers on OS X.
1. My Raspberry Pi Ad-blocker
2. My default DNS

OS X comes with Automator which makes this really easy!

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+YouTube now supports 360° video! Watch this in Chrome or on your Android phone.

Prepare to have your mind blown.

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Regular exercise, such as walking, has been shown to be a key factor in reducing the risk of dementia by 60%
One reason may be that when animals go on very long walks it is usually to seek out a new, unexplored territory in which to live – because they are fleeing a predator, or because food has run out where they live. The brain, in anticipation of the fact that the animal is going to have to learn a lot about this new territory, releases growth factors, which act like growth-promoting fertiliser in the brain, allowing it to build connections between cells more easily as it learns.

I love this. I'd read over and over how exercise improves brain function and memory but never heard it explained like this.

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Great site to compare and visualise the frequency difference of various audio formats (e.g. FLAC vs. MP3 CBR 320):

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This. On repeat.
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