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DAI - Your One-Stop for Life Insurance Brokerage
Here at DAI Life Brokerage Services ( we provide you with an efficient, cost effective, and profitable way of processing your life insurance business. We cannot replace you, only you know your clients. However we can offer you several competitive advantages over your competition.
  • Access to carriers nationwide that you might not have otherwise sought out
  • No minimum production requirements for carrier contracts
  • No risk of losing a carrier contract because minimum was not attained
  • No minimum production requirements through our business service center and...
  • A safe and secure way of submitting your life business.

Our business service center here at DAI provides you with the ability to consolidate all of your life business. We offer you consistent backroom functions through technology, knowledge and carrier relationships. We support YOU with a number of functions including:

  • State-of-the-Art Illustration Processing
  • Carrier Specific and State Specific Application and Forms Management
  • Marketing Assistance
  • Application Entry
  • Document Scanning and Imaging
  • Problem Resolution
  • Requirement Ordering
  • Status Inquiries
  • Agent Contracting and...
  • Database Management
We use a credited in-house data management system. This is a proven system that helps us leverage our resources. When applications are submitted through our office your business is entered in our system immediately. We are able to track each case and communicate with you or your office because the information managed by our system is kept separate from other producers. 
Our highly respected and knowledgeable staff includes a level of case underwriting not usually found outside an insurer's home office. We have access to expert impaired risk underwriters to get you the best offer! We have intimate knowledge of how each carrier treats impaired risk cases. 
We look for the best option for your clients who have any impairment. Our expertise is our ability to analyze your most challenging risks and negotiate as aggressively as possible for your benefit.
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