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Social media teacher of Google+, You Tube, Facebook and Twitter; Seller of vintage items
Social media teacher of Google+, You Tube, Facebook and Twitter; Seller of vintage items

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Just in time for #themasters  These are for sale. Feel free to ask questions about them; anyone interested in purchasing them, please use raesconsulting email for privacy.

A better post with better pictures and descriptions is coming; just getting my page updated.
This post ought to be from +Rae's Consulting (where the auction will be) but +Patricia Hannigan since you mentioned Green Jacket Auctions; I thought I'd share three important Augusta portraits. All taken by same photographer, all authentically signed by Bobby Jones, Cliff Roberts and President Dwight Eisenhower. They are going up for auction next week. I do have the providence to back up they are original.

I thought you'd like them Patricia! #Masters #Augusta #bobbyjones #ike #DwightEisenhower #cliffroberts

Anyone seeing this post please feel free to contact me via email for the entire collection. I've never seen anything like it.
Augusta portraits
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With the #usopen2014  coming up at Pinehurst in two weeks, these are some of the collectibles I have from 2010, Pebble Beach. Selling each ball in a box for $15, which includes shipping. No profit on these as they need new homes for golf collectors. I have too many of them!!

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This is one of the items I have been working on. Getting it to working condition. These microphones are rare, and once it is working with original parts a real treasure!
Neumann Telefunken U47 Tube Studio Microphone. Never seen one like this, in pretty much mint condition!

4 day three night trip to Vegas. Went to the #RichardMacdonald  gallery, #baumanfinearts  store and +Pawn Stars . First two were great, last one not so much. Now it is up to me to properly archive the Dwight Eisenhower, Herbert Hoover letters for a bigger place, like +Christie's 

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I'm one too! Add +Secret Santa and enjoy the fun and mystery Christmas can bring!
Hello from a +Secret Santa Elf

A quick HELLO to everyone I added today (and to everyone else). I found many of you through the Secret Santa wish list you posted. I'm an official elf for SANTA this year, and I've read each and every post you all wrote about why you added your lists.

There were many great and compelling stories, and I want to assure anyone who's trying this for the first time: receiving is fantastic, but if you are able to send gifts (and I now know that many of you can't, after reading your stories), that feeling of sending gifts all over the world to people you've never met is incredible. Last year, I was watching and having a blast.

This year, I signed up for some serious SANTA WORK! ha!

So - thank you all for taking the time to share your list - and I'll be keeping an eye on your lists and how things are going. We're so glad you're here - and you now are officially added to my circles as well!

I do this because I like to share joy for everyone - and especially for the kids out there. This is going to be a tough year for many - so thanks again, do what you can, and I hope you all enjoy participating.

Later, I'll also share a post with you about receiving a vintage Christmas card for the holidays (a side project I do on my own).

Happy holidays in advance!


PS. If you haven't added your Amazon Wish List to the public spreadsheet, let's hear from you!

Secret Santa Wishlists

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More clients than I can handle with a fractured elbow!
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