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I had A great party today accept I missed my buddy ernest

Life is only bad if you make it bad. Unfortunate things happen but you could make these things something that helped do greater things

Pay attention to everything and everyone around you may find love in the last place you would expect it I did

Life can only be what you make of it. So never hold back.

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No one will fight for you so you get what you should so if you want something you gotta fight and go after it yourself.

If you sit and wait for life to start, life will pass you by without notice. Yet people sit. Why is it that people will sit and wait for things to approach them instead of making things happen them selves?

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Life can pass you by without you even noticeing. We as people need to acknowledge that life is short. Take time to spend time with people you love. People sometimes learn the hard way of the reason the person you love may push you to be the best. Thank you to my math teacher Mrs. O'Donnel for all those years that in truth I actually didn't like to be in your class because I thought I was being pushed to hard. Now I see why you did so. You made me a better person,smarter and I finally understand where you come from you have made my high school years something to remember especially this year my senior. You show your students their full potential and that's why I think your one of a kind.

You are your only true love

You don't know how much time you will be given with the ones you love so make them priority and the rest you have for your whole life to worry about but death could shorten or lengthen a life right before your eyes

I say live life in the moment, it could. Be your. Last 
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