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Stacy Crowe
Passionately Pursued for a Pupose
Passionately Pursued for a Pupose

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Learning to be intentional with who I say I am!

YHVH (Yaweh) is the most sacred name of God, I AM! When God sent Moses to the Israelites he said to tell them “I Am” sent him. What a great and mighty name, yet we use it all the time and don’t even acknowledge or recognize we are using the name of…

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We live in a world full of "Un-mined Jewels". Step out and begin unearthing those precious gifts that lie beneath the surface of uncertainty.

  As I pulled up to the quaint little chapel my heart was beating rapidly and I started my deep breathing…just so I could get out of my car. The environment that surrounded me wasn’t ominous at all, it was just the uncertainty of what was waiting inside…

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It is often the familiar in a voice or song that allows us to realize we are always on Father's mind. It's as simple as "Hey Girl!"

Since my dad’s passing I haven’t stayed connected to very many of his friends. Although this might seem like a strange comment, it is very normal considering how and where I grew up. We lived in a very small, rural community so those friendships often…

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I would say the span between October 2015 to September 2016 is long enough! What's been in my way? Find out here.

I need a place to get out of my head! I need a way to stop the noise that is racing through the cortex of my brain. The incessant chatter is starting to interrupt the sweet sleep I so desperately need to function. I have spent days trying to form a…

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The Lesson in Fall. There is a reason for every season. #fall #change #exposure #beautiful

I Love Fall. The coolness of the mornings and evenings. It seems perfect to me. The changing of all the colors….I L.O.V.E. it. When we lived in Waco, I loved sitting out on our balcony in the morning (image above from a trip to Alaska – not my balcony…

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What's All This Oil Stuff About? Are you curious about essential oils and their benefits. Let me help you get started with a great deal! #ItsEssential #HealthierMe #ItsAnOilThing

Several years ago I began studying the oils of the Bible. After reading all the references mentioned for oils, herbs and healing balms I decided there must be something to it. Not too soon after my study adventure, I was introduced to Young Living…

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Are you breathing Clean Air? #spiritualallergies #changeyouratmosphere #makethemove

My brother just recently retired after a lifelong career as a captain for USAir. Due to scheduling conflicts and a cash flow issue, I was not able to attend the official retirement party they held for him. I really didn’t want to miss out on celebrating…

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This post is a little different than normal. Remembering 9/11!

These types of post are not usually the direction I take. However, today, this is heavy on my heart and feel it is appropriate for the season we are in. Fourteen years after the terrorist attacks of 9/11upon our nation, there is an East wind blowing. As I…

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Just finished the day with a #perfectevening. Sunset dinner with my man. #vacation2015 #simplethings #Godart

Part of Staying Stacy is living in what the Lord has given me a passion for. I have loved being a stay-at-home mom and housewife for the majority of my adult life; which will always be a part of me. But as I move into this second half season I am finding some new areas of life I am passionate about. I love teaching and speaking about my Savior - my #1 passion of all time! Which brings me to passion #2 - meeting women and loving on them. Encouraging them to live their life according to the Word of God; not what is spoken or portrayed by man.
I am believing Joel Osteen's words spoken at Night of Hope in San Francisco, "We should never settle for anything less than God's best. A second touch is coming because He is about to move you into a new level."
My heart is to the advance my Father's business. His kingdom business. So I am standing on the promise of a second touch in this second half season of my life. I believe there is a mighty move of the Spirit upon women in this season and I want to be there as a witness and usher of that power.
Some may see this as a way to promote my businesses, Young Living Oils and Premier Design Jewelry; but that is not my heart. My heart is to reach as many women as possible to share this message of hope and renewal. My businesses are really a way to keep me healthy and living out of a playful, childlike spirit which Father has gifted me with.
My businesses are also a way for me to help the man of my dreams realize his dream of retirement - without the concern for finances. He has taken such good care of me and in this second half season I want to be able to return the favor.
I love my life and my future! I also love the fact you are willing to be a part of my humble existence.
"For I know the thoughts and plans I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome." (Jer. 29:11 AMP)
If you don't know my Savior, Jesus, I would love the opportunity to tell you all about Him.
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